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Software Development


A macro is a collection of commands that you can apply with a single click. They can automate almost anything you can do in the program you’re using and even enable you to do things you might not have known were possible.

Our Expert designed Macros that read the data from multiple sources, such as excel document, databases, web pages and even application windows. We can build a Macro in minutes to read the data and generates the required reports or enter them into specified applications or web pages. Automated data entry saves your time, eliminates tedium while eliminating errors.


Extracting Data from Web

Web data extraction is crucial to most businesses. Contemporary business requires relevant data for appropriate, effective and reliable decisions. With Macro Program software, you can monitor in real time hundreds or thousands of news sources, blogs and websites to see what people are saying about specific products or topics. The gathered data can then be automatically stored to an excel document or database.

Automate Software Testing, Web Testing

Software testing plays an important role in the development of a wide range of applications. Macro Expert is a full featured automation software package that provides many ways to interact with applications. A tester can use the Script Editor or Recorder to set up complex test scenarios in minutes with no-programming required.

Need a Quick Price?

Here at ITzian Media Services we carefully calculate all costs involved to build your website and provide you a detailed quote that covers all aspects of the projects. This ensures that you "get what you pay for" and aren't overcharges for any services you don't need.

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